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Our mission is to create a community of connection, and a space that offers an escape from the suburban rituals of daily life.

We are two Yogis from Seattle, Washington who share a strong passion for yoga. We found yoga in two very different ways, and most likely would have never crossed paths if it hadn’t been for our practice. The community we’ve built is only one small part of our yoga journey.

We started Urban yogis to continue growing a community of like minded humans to have a space to gather,  to deepen their practice, have meaningful conversations, and make life long lasting friendships. We offer a variety of classes where you can unplug and reclaim your connection from within.

This studio offers both heated and not heated classes, in an array of styles, with an emphasis on multi sensory immersion. Scent, sound, and light are used in harmony to help drive energy, aid breathwork, and encourage either relaxation or movement. Come escape with us and leave the to do’s and expectations at the door.

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2900 Grand Avenue, Everett, WA 98201  |  

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