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A yoga studio is so much more than a place to move your body. Urbanyogis is an envisioned sanctuary to share beliefs,ideas, feelings and much more.

It’s a container of safe welcoming energy with no judgment in a society where there is so much.


Let's allow fitness to be the side affect rather than the focus. We invite all bodies and all generations to escape to our next gen yoga studio.

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An immersive experience is one that brings you to your senses, relieves you from your external daily life stimulus and allows you to access your mind body connection with a little more ease. 

Our studio uses light, sound and scent to create a comfortable container for guests to sink into their own depth of practice. 

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How does light therapy affect your practice? 


Our studio uses near infrared LED therapy light. The color varies based on the facilitator and their offerings for class. 

Blue Bath  - Wakes up the body and increases energy. Typically used for morning as it boosts alertness, helps memory and cognitive function. 

Sun Shower (Orange, Yellow) - Mimics sunset and sunrise. May help alleviate mood swings and aids digestion. Best for opening shoulders & hips and promotes healthy sleep patterns. 

Restorative Glow (Pink, Purple) - Combines red and blue wavelengths. Purple is beneficial for cellular oxygenation and regeneration to encourage healthy skin and vitality. 

Red Bath - Strong, energetic with a  focus on challenging your practice to speed up your metabolism. Red light stimulates mitochondria which use light as energy in cellular respiration. 

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How does audio therapy affect your practice? 


With high quality immersive sound you stimulate your brain stem in a way that creates a three dimensional experience encouraging depth and grounding. 

Based on the class offering facilitators determine a frequency and vibration that bathes your mind and body in sound that compliments the practice. 

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