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She/Her  /   Sagittarius 

I first found yoga on my search for mobility to help my chronic muscle pain. I quickly found that yoga would not only improve how my body was feeling but it was beginning to heal my mind, and my heart. In a fast paced, sometimes stressful world it’s not often we take the time to choose ourselves. Yoga has allowed me to truly embrace my own body and honor it. Once you choose YOU Yoga will be your guide to finding inner peace, calming anxiety, dismissing thoughts that do not serve you, and embracing where you are at the current moment, while paving your way to your best life and happiest self. 


Yoga has changed my life in so many wonderful ways, it is now my life long goal to serve others and show them the way. I dedicate my time to teach, share, and learn with each of my students, and help them find the road to inner peace, growth, and belonging.  For me, yoga is about the balance between strength and flexibility, exertion, and releasing. So, my classes combine both strength and mobility work in a dynamic, Vinyasa Flow style. Expect to move, sweat, and breathe. I often offer meditations after my classes as well to bring you grounding and clarity. I hope to have the honor of sharing this journey with you. 

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She/Her  /   Sagittarius 

Yoga has knocked on my door throughout the busiest times in life. At first as an exercise class that taught me to move stress out of my physiology. And later encouraged me to explore and question why I found myself in so many stressful situations to begin with.


Then I was hooked, traveled to India and immersed myself in a daily practice to build consistency. There I learned from the Hatha Yoga tradition as well as meditation, mantra and breathwork. You’ll find my classes to be a bit technical, slow, and strengthening for the mind and soul. Trust in your process, surrender to your breath and connect with your body. 



She/her  /  Scorpio 

Elena Weber, a dedicated teacher, who seamlessly weaves her passion for yoga, meditation, breathwork, and therapeutic art into transformative experiences. With a professional background in design and extensive expertise, Elena brings a unique blend of creative flair and the healing essence of yoga to her classes.

As a firm believer in the power of inner child work, Elena designs classes that are not only playful but also nurturing. Her sessions radiate with energy and joy, striking a harmonious balance by incorporating soothing practices such as breathwork and sound baths.

Specializing in breathwork and sound bath workshops, Elena crafts immersive experiences aimed at resetting the nervous system. These workshops, thoughtfully aligned with lunar phases, elevate the overall experience, providing a unique journey for participants.

Beyond her passion for individual well-being, Elena advocates strongly for maternal self-care. In recognition of the importance of family wellness, she extends her expertise to offer engaging kid-friendly yoga sessions, fostering a sense of balance and tranquility within families.

Elena Weber's classes are not just about physical postures; they are a holistic exploration of well-being, seamlessly merging creativity, joy, and healing practices. Join her on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and wellness.

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She/her  /  Leo

Bio coming soon



He/Him  /   

I took my first yoga class 10 years ago at a gym and I fell in love but I never practiced again until last year. I been telling myself for years that I need to do it again. For me, yoga was an outlet while I battled depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Once I began to be in tuned with my body and my mind I was able to find peace and tranquility after my first hot yoga class in January 2022. I’m a very dedicated and passionate person and with that, I practiced non stop for months. One of my instructors planted the seed to become an instructor. As a bodybuilder I quickly realized how incredibly important it was to practice. Weight training is very Yang and yoga is very Yin and both pair up beautifully. Shortly after, one of my many instructors recommended a school she went to in Mexico. 4 months later, I went off to do my 200HR immersive Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico. I finally found my calling and teaching fitness and yoga was what I was meant to do. I enjoy all types of yoga especially Yin and Power Vinyasa and my style is power/core driven. My quest is to create incredible and powerful individuals who are connected to their body and mind through overcoming physical and mental challenges in class. I want every one my yogis feeling proud and confident after their practice.



She/her  /   

Kaylani fell in love with yoga the first moment she stepped on the mat in February 2019. To enhance her knowledge and gain more insight on her practice she earned her 200 hour yoga teaching certification in September 2021. Since October 2021, she has been teaching primarily vinyasa classes and has enjoyed the ability to creatively guide students through mindful movement. Aside from yoga, Kaylani enjoys strength training, so mind to body connection is an essential component to her practice. She incorporates a balance of building flexibility and strength within her classes by slowing down the movements to allow the students to identify what their bodies are feeling in each pose. Kaylani is a registered nurse so focusing on safety and individuality is key when teaching her students. When she isn’t working or teaching, Kaylani enjoys spending time with her husband and dog, Ozzy. She loves scary movies, cooking vegan meals, paddle boarding, and traveling to new places.

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She/Her  /   Virgo 

Cobi has studied Yoga since 1991 and has been teaching since 1997. She has studied Iyengar, Anusara, and Ashtanga extensively in the 90's and early 2000s. More recently she has studied with Sara Tharington, Jodi Boone, Tami Hafzalla, Troy Lucerno, Ashley Turner, Seane Corn, and the late Maty Azraty. She has certifications in Yin, Art of Adjustments, Restorative, Chair  & Senior Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga, and Yoga Psychology. Cobi is also a certified Pilates Instructor so she incorporates core awareness in every pose.

Cobi is a mountain athlete. She hikes, mountain bikes, skis and rock climbs. She loves to help clients work through aches and pains. She calls her style Core Flow. Her class is conscious, luxuriant, and therapeutic. She brings you into your body and into the present moment.

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She/her  / Aries


At first yoga was just a nice workout to do every once in a while. It wasn’t until after I graduated high school that I started to take it more seriously. By applying myself more I began to not only connect more with my body but also my mind and spirit. I became more in tune with myself and my whole perspective on life changed in a beautiful way. My goal in my practice is to help others grow and heal their mental and physical health, while feeling empowered and having fun!



She/her  / Cancer  

Hello, I'm Tara, a passionate and dedicated yoga instructor with a deep love for the practice of slow flow. Throughout my teaching I have crafted a teaching style that emphasizes mindfulness, breath awareness, and gentle movements. My classes are designed to create a nurturing environment where students can feel comfortable, and at ease. Whether you're a beginner or experienced yogi, I warmly welcome you to join me on this transformative journey. Together, let's embrace the power of slow flow and discover the immense benefits it brings to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Namaste.




I started my love and exploration for Yoga during the pandemic. I was stuck inside and needed something to distract me. I quickly fell in love with it, and started practicing everyday. It calmed my mind, and taught me to turn inward. I teach competive gymnastics as well, am a choreographer, and love all this fitness.

I became a certified yoga teacher so I could help spread yoga to others, as a way to not only take care of their bodies, but of their body and soul. 


I am loving teaching and creating with others. My goal Is to create a safe encouraging environment for each and everyone one of you, and have fun along the way! 


My classes are strong and powerful, but we have fun and love to play on the mat! 



She/her  / Leo 

Meet Miranda, a dedicated yogi who embarked on her yoga journey as a teenager and has cultivated a deep connection to the practice ever since. With decades of personal experience and completing her 200-YTT through Sacred Paths Yoga in 2022, Miranda radiates a profound understanding of yoga’s transformative potential. Beyond her yoga practice, she is a sought-after Sensual Movement Coach, guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and body positivity.  Join Miranda in exploring the harmonious balance between body, mind, and spirit while embracing the beauty of yoga for a holistic approach to self-expression and well-being.

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She/her  / Cancer 

My first experiences with yoga were with my grandma at the YMCA as a kid which is one of the reasons yoga has such a special place in my heart. Then in high school a studio opened up right next door to where I went to school and I began going almost everyday. For me going to a yoga class was a space I could go to unwind and share space and energy with people who also loved yoga.


A few years later I decided I wanted to deepen my practice so I signed up for the 200hr ytt at Wildwood. I found so much grace and acceptance for myself through my teacher training. Now I find myself here with the honor to share space with you beautiful humans. My goal is to create a safe space for you to show up exactly as you are, and find grace for yourself!

*Licensed Massage Therapist

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She/her  /   

My name is Sally and I am a devoted Yoga Instructor. I dedicate my time to create opportunity and reach out to the public and the underserved population for addressing addiction and chronic illness through mindful movement.
Yoga has improved my body, mind and spirit before and after battling years of liver disease and alcoholism. Self therapy has been imperative throughout my journey. Yoga has taught me the importance of breathing, relieving stress and finding
balance and strength. Using these techniques in my daily life helps me achieve a powerful sense of peace and personal truth. Please join me to find steps and poses to build and improve your own personal practice and help me build a bigger and better community as we are all in this
together. My outreach to the recovering and yoga communities is the way I give back and further honor my recovery.



He/him  / Libra  

My name is Adam Carbary and I have been on a path of self discovery for most of my life. First discovering yoga, breathwork and meditation in 2009 I have been diving deeper into these practices, and subsequently myself, ever since. I have traveled all over the world learning different modalities from various teachers to allow for my continued healing process and transformation.


At the beginning of 2022, I became a certified Somatic Breathwork Practitioner. I believe I have finally found the modality that has not only allowed me to transform my own life, but allowed me to help others do the same. Let me help you connect with your breath and the uniquely beautiful person you are meant to be. I look forward to having the opportunity to hold space for you.

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