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Updated: May 23, 2022

This universe is not outside of you.

Rumi’s poetry is about heart, love, and kindness. He knew about heart intelligence and heart harmony with the mind hundreds of years before science discovered such a connection. Rumi’s poetry is about heart wisdom.

He said, “if we listen to our hearts, we can find love, kindness, humanity, wisdom, and our great potential. “we are born with wings, learn to use them, and fly.”

Rumi is not the only poet or philosopher that talks about heart intelligence. It appears that many poems and ancient philosophers valued heart wisdom than intellect. The concept of heart intelligence is new to science, but the poets and philosophers talked about the eminence power within the heart for centuries.

The heart is coherent when the spiritual heart and emotion are in harmony. The feeling of love, compassion, and humanity creates high-frequency vibrations, keeping the energetic or spiritual heart cohesive with our emotions and brains.

Heart incoherent creates the most stressful situation in the body that can affect our emotions and health and prevent us access to heart intelligence and the supreme power within ourselves.

When there is a lack of care, compassion, love, and kindness, the heart move to a state of incoherent, it happens when the mind overpowers our heart, and there is not enough high-frequency vibration to keep us in a coherent shape.

Once the heart is in a cohesive state, we can access the heart intelligence and that part of our being that vibrates in a deep conscious vibration frequency with repetition and practice.

Once the heart intelligence and this deep vibration frequency merge, we can access the innate intelligence, The true self, divinity within, or our soul. It is up to our belief system what name we call this innate intelligence. The term does not change how we access this incredible power within ourselves, as Rumi referred to it. “potential, greatness, and wings.”

Rumi said. “for love, kindness, and humanity to grow in our heart, we first need to remove the Negative thought and emotions, ego, jealousy, resentment, and greed from our heart. The heart is like a mirror; it can’t reflect an object if we can’t remove the dust from the surface of the mirror.”

Negative thoughts and emotions affect our ability to bring our heart in a coherent state to access the Intuitive heart intelligence and discover the power within. We need to identify the source of those negative thoughts and emotions that brought our hearts into incoherent chaos. Without finding the basis of our negative thoughts, acknowledge them and work to eliminate them as these thoughts create disharmony between our energetic heart, emotions, and brain.

“Do you know what you are? You are a manuscript of a divine letter.

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